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Soaring sculptures. Ancient antiquities. Science in
action. This is the bold, dynamic field of museum
studies. Come explore.


Museums educate and inspire. They bring the world to your backyard. And your backyard to the world. They dismantle prejudice. And battle injustice. They spark conversation. And generate awe.

If you want to learn how to use museums as a way to create stronger communities and have a career that will allow you to inspire others through the power and possibility of museums—the University of Washington's Museology Graduate Program is for you.

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Why the Museology Graduate Program at UW?

When we ask students, alumni and employers what makes this program truly unique, here's what they say:


This program is grounded in research and evidence. To that end, all students must complete a thesis or master's project in order to graduate. We are also the only program in the United States to have a specialization in evaluation.


Exploration is healthy. Curiosity is encouraged. That's why we actively encourage students to try out as many different things as possible. Internships, classes, community events, research projects—all of these are great ways to explore what truly inspires you.


Our faculty and staff are invested in the success of every student. Really, truly invested. From helping you figure out your class schedule, to advising on career options, to making sure you produce a stellar thesis, they will support you every step of the way.

The Seattle Experience

Being in Seattle makes for a unique graduate school experience. Surrounded by water and mountains and one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, Seattle brims with energy, options and opportunity. From the Museum of Flight to the Experience Music Project to the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture, and all points in between, the diversity of our museums and community organizations reflects our national landscape. Try out different options while in school. And then pursue your career anywhere you like.

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Linda High '14

Education Services Coordinator, The Museum of Flight

“I am always inspired by the families and students who visit the museum. They inspire me to create innovative and interesting programming. Keeping track of what my peers in this field are working on and implementing around the world is inspiring and pushes me to be a better educator."

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Is this program right for you?

As an interdisciplinary program, our students come from all different backgrounds: art history, technology, zoology, anthropology, international studies, education, and business administration. Our goal is to inspire all of our students—regardless of background—to use museums as a way to create stronger communities.

Our students learn to organize and manage museums. But that doesn’t do their work justice. The world’s best museologists know that museums aren’t just about objects. They’re about wonder, awe, and curiosity. They’re about learning, seeing and doing. They’re about taking someone’s breath away. About inviting visitors to see every day objects in entirely new ways. About infusing the extraordinary into the ordinary.

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"I contend the DNA of talent is stored within the great museums of the world. Museums are custodians of epiphanies." George Lois, art director & designer