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The UW’s plans are outlined in this October 2011 update.

The Office of Media Relations and Communications is responsible for working with the media in all its forms. Our mission is to broaden public awareness and understanding of the University of Washington, including its innovations in education; contributions to solving regional, national and worldwide problems; and discoveries and breakthroughs that improve the quality of life in the Northwest and around the globe.

Popular Resources

  • Guidelines for Filming on Campus
    • Our campuses present a wide variety of location possibilities for film, video and photography. Learn more about our filming guidelines.
  • UW Story
    • Today’s powerful tools can make everyone a video producer, but success lies in telling good stories. At UW Story, you’ll find resources to plan, shoot and edit great stories.

Additional Contacts for Media Relations & Communications

KUOW Public Radio

Caryn Mathes
President and General Manager

News and Information

Vince Stricherz
Interim Director

Public Records and Open Public Meetings

Eliza Saunders

UW Photography

Mary Levin
Photographic Supervisor

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