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Economic Impact Report

Education is key to the state’s future

Budget Crisis

Education is key to our state’s future. Learn more about how the UW is addressing an unprecedented decline in state funding.

Earnings, Jobs, Societal Benefits

UW Economic and Societal Impact

The report on this site details the economic, employment and government revenue impact of operations and research of all of the UW’s campuses and affiliates. The report was prepared by Tripp Umbach, a nationally recognized consulting firm.

UW Economic and Societal Impact
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By the Numbers

$9.1 billion in total economic impact generated by the UW in the state of Washington.

70,000 direct and indirect jobs and 7,600 new jobs (from external funding sources) in the last 10 years.

$618.1 million in tax revenue to state and local governments, including sales, property and business tax payments. For every $1 in state funding allocated to the UW, $1.48 in tax revenue is returned to the state.

$1 invested by the state in the UW generates $22.56 in the total state economy.

12,000 students graduate annually from the UW, and 74% of alumni stay in the state.

$394.5+ million annually in charitable donations, volunteer services and provision of free care is generated by UW staff, faculty and students.

FY08-09 Economic Impact of UW in billions

The UW Creates Jobs

The UW is the third-largest employer in the State of Washington.

69,803 UW-supported jobs are generated in the state.

One-third of these jobs are supported by $1.15 billion in UW-sponsored research.

Full-time employment impact of the UW