DO-IT Scholar Profile: Maria

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I want to get a minor in Spanish, and I'm not exactly sure what exactly I want to major in, but I do want to take some law classes and see if I'm interested in taking law school. I'm the first to graduate from high school and go to college, out of, yeah, six people. The computer has helped me because I can do my homework a lot faster than before. I had to, like, take, like, a lot of extra time reading my books and my textbooks and everything. and with my computer I can just, I also have a scanner, I can just scan my book and read it a lot faster than if I were to read it. I've noticed that at my schools, they have all the support system and everything for, like, if you want to go to college and applications and everything but when it comes to a disability and how to apply, and how to get help they lack that, like, that resources. But DO-IT has really helped me, like, what kind of applications I need, and with the whole gaining knowledge with my school.