DO-IT Scholar Profile: Alexandra

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I'm a biochemistry major and a chemistry minor. I'm a senior. I'll be graduating next year, winter quarter. My plan right now is to get a job as a technician in a lab for a while, because it'll give me a couple of years of experience, like, in the field. I use a lot of magnifiers; I'm visually impaired. So I have, like, just magnifying glasses type of things, a little bit stronger than the ones you buy at the drug store. But also I do a fair bit of computer work for like, sequences and stuff like that for work, and obviously for school. So I actually know how to use JAWS and Zoomtext fairly well. DO-IT has been, like, a really great experience for me, and it's been like 6 or 7 years and it's been like "wow". To me then, it's really important to make that experience impactive for, like, the other scholars coming in And I think that that widespread feeling among all the scholars is kind of what gives the program so much power because, like, the kids want to come back and make it spectacular too, and the staff is, they put a lot of work into it.