DO-IT Receives a Golden Apple Award

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[Enrique Cerna, KCTS] The DO-IT program at the University of Washington has a simple goal -- success for students with disabilities, through summer camp at the UW and on-line mentoring throughout the school year. DO-IT helps high school students learn to turn their dreams of college and careers into reality. For many of these young people it's the first time they haven't felt different or alone. 10 00:00:36,736 --> 00:00:39,325 [Sheryl] These are really, really, really valuable prizes -- you will want these prizes.
[Dan] Shout out for me or Sheryl.
[Sheryl] Oh wow, okay, you guys are fast!
[Sheryl] DO-IT stands for disabilities, opportunities, internetworking, and technology. And what DO-IT's about is helping young people with disabilities make a successful transition to college and ultimately to careers.
[Jessica] I'm loving every minute of it, it's really great. The heart surgery was the funnest, I think. It was like, on a sheep; it was really nice.
[Teacher] Ooh, we've got a double bypass in progress here, eh?
[Student] Time to do brain surgery.
[Student] Alright.
[Student] This could be our lunch for today.
[Student] Ewww.
[Sheryl] In the DO-IT Scholars Program, we take twenty students per year. These are kids that have disabilities that are in high school that have the aptitude to complete a college education, but are facing significant challenges because of their disability.
[Andrew] I really enjoy all the college preparation and being able to live on the college campus and in the dorms is a nice experience.
[Brad] My particular injury is fairly severe. I can't use my hands at all, and being independent is something that's really important to me. And staying in the dorm it really helps with, you know, getting the mindset of being more independent.
[Sheryl] There are a lot of areas in information technology where you might be able to apply your artistic skills or your writing skills.
[Sheryl] We provide them with a computer, in their home, and access to the internet. They communicate with their peers they also communicate with mentors, who are individuals with disabilities who have been successful in college and careers, and communicate over the internet.
[Karyn] Making friends is really big. And e-mailing them and keeping in touch with them, that's great, I like that, a lot. And having my computer for schoolwork, that's good, very good.
[Instructor] Peddle it like this, but be careful about pulling back too hard.
[Justin] It's a good experience because you get to meet people with other disabilities and you really realize that no matter what your disability, you're all created equal in some aspect of it.
[Jessica] And you don't feel alone like you would in other situations.
[Mike] Everybody just wants to be friends with everybody and I really like that.
[Teacher] Supposing we want to study starts. Can we send a spacecraft to the stars?
[Sheryl] By working with these young people, and helping them reach higher levels of success than they might achieve otherwise, they become role models in their school and in their community. and many, many people are touched by the DO-IT program just by seeing the success of these kids with disabilities. 69 00:03:15,516 --> 00:03:18,785 [applause]
[Sheryl] Wow, I am once again reminded that I have the very best job in the state of Washington, and perhaps in the United States. On behalf of the DO-IT staff and the volunteers and the mentors and the participants in our program and the advocates, I am truly honored to accept this award. Our shared vision is of a world where everyone has opportunities to participate and to contribute and to succeed, regardless of their abilities and disabilities. The success of our participants, as they move on to college and they pursue careers and they contribute to their communities, is the measure of success of the DO-IT program. The DO-IT participants are truly changing this world and they're making it a better place for all of us, so thank you, very much.