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Everyday Huskies

From Alaska to Australia, there are UWAA members around the world. Some are parents and grandparents, some are entrepreneurs, some are community leaders — all are making an impact and have unique stories to tell.  We’re dedicated to sharing those stories and showing the everyday Huskies that make up the UWAA community.

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Shanda Boyd

Shanda Taylor Boyd

A May 2004 car accident changed the life of Shanda Taylor Boyd, ’94, in an instant. A U.S. Army nurse, Taylor Boyd was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Now she’s as busy as ever, serving as a national spokeswoman and advocate for disabled veterans.

Temple Mathews and Manon Mathews

Temple Mathews

With over 30 years in the film business, Temple Mathews, ’76, has had a busy career in Hollywood. He’s been a screenwriter, director and more — even a successful young adult novelist. But nothing could prepare him for one challenge: working with his daughter Manon.

Five Generations of Huskies

Mary Joan Hervey

From grandmother Winifred to grandson James, Mary Joan Hervey, ’62, is part of a unique Husky pack: she has five generations of UW grads in her family. Hervey reflects on her family’s history at the UW, which started in the 19th century and continues with her grandson’s enrollment this fall.

Trish Bostrum

Trish Bostrum

Trish Bostrom, ’72, was a nationally ranked tennis player, but the UW women’s team was considered a non-competitive club. So she lawyered up and got that changed, and then she went on to fight for equality while playing on the women’s professional tour for eight years.

Ty Okamura

Ty Okamura

Think you have to be a UW alum to be a UW Alumni Association member? Not the case! Ty Okamura may have graduated from Gonzaga, but she’s found a home with the UWAA. She’s president of the Portland Huskies chapter and a life member.

Ted McGregor

Ted McGregor

For years, Ted McGregor, ’87, dreamed about moving home to Spokane and starting a newspaper. His dream came true in 1993 when he and his brother Jer, ’92, started the Inlander, building it into a community staple with a circulation of 50,000.

Kevin Quinn, Meghann Quinn, Kevin Smith, Patrick Smith of Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Kevin Quinn, Meghann Quinn, Kevin Smith, Patrick Smith

Ask Meghann Quinn, ’06, what brought her and her siblings back to their hometown of Yakima after attending the UW, and the answer is simple: “Once hops are in your DNA, you can’t leave.” That’s what led them to open Bale Breaker Brewing Company on the family hop farm.