About the UWAA

GOLD Alumni Council


Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni are some of the University of Washington’s most energetic and involved community members. To help connect this vital cohort with the University and the alumni community at large, the University of Washington Alumni Association has gathered a special group of recent graduates to form the GOLD Alumni Council. Representing graduates from each UW campus and most schools and colleges, the Gold Alumni Council meets quarterly.

As an advisory body, the GOLD Council:

  • Guides and participates in the work and mission of the UWAA, helping set the course of programming and events
  • Acts as a driving voice of and conduit to the wider community of recent graduates
  • Engages and involves current UW students and drives awareness of the UWAA to future alumni
  • Helps progress the UWAA’s mission of supporting higher education in the State of Washington

Current members:

Aram Ambartsumyan, ’16, UW Seattle
Jean Blatchford, ’13, UW Seattle
Amy Boyd, ’09, UW Seattle
Emily Chadwick, ’12, UW Seattle
Kelly Corcoran, ’08, M.B.A. ’16, UW Seattle
Valer Cupsa, ’11, UW Seattle
Thomas Glanz, ’09, UW Seattle
Nicole Gustine, ’02, M.L.S. ’05, J.D. ’14, UW Seattle
Sally Guzman Reyes, ’10, UW Seattle
Vera Hoang, ’14, UW Seattle
Laura Hutchinson, ’08, UW Seattle
Orchideh Raisdanai, ’16, UW Bothell
Brian Rich, Certif. ’16, UW Seattle
Rebecca Rosario, ’13, UW Tacoma
Tauna Shoemaker, ’10, Certif. ’11, UW Seattle
Paul Son, ’09, UW Seattle