Two Years to Two Decades Initiative

Two Years to Two Decades Initiative

Our shared future depends on choices we make today. Based on the UW community’s shared vision of its future, the Two Years to Two Decades (2y2d) Initiative identifies trends and drivers of change, and takes steps to ensure the UW is responding in ways to keep us on track to thrive in the future.

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Our Future

Over 3,500 faculty, students, staff and members of the UW community participated in 2y2d focus groups and surveys to identify strategic priorities. This collective feedback has helped us envision a shared future for the UW (the “two decades” of 2y2d), which guides our near-term decisions.

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Our Plan

Developed from priorities identified by the 2y2d focus groups, the Sustainable Academic Business Plan is a strategic yet practical plan to maintain academic priorities while managing financial realities. The Plan guides near-term goals and activities (the “two years” in 2y2d) that will position the UW to thrive in the next two decades.

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The Sustainable Academic Business Plan includes both academic and administrative initiatives.

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