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Lessons from Pandemics of the Past

History and disease come together in this talk and conversation about past pandemics. Starting with the Plague of Justinian in 541 and bringing us up to today’s scourge, Stefanie Iverson Cabral shows how the COVID-19 pandemic is not unprecedented and was actually inevitable. How were pandemics managed in the past? How has structural racism and bias impacted people trying to live through a pandemic?

Presented to students on December 3, 2020.

Photo of Stefanie Iverson CabralFeaturing Stefanie Iverson Cabral

Stefanie Iverson Cabral is an assistant teaching professor in UW Bothell’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. She has worked as a research scientist in an infectious disease laboratory associated with Harborview, UW Medicine since 2012. She has been with the University of Washington Bothell since 2015 where she focuses on courses in microbiology, infectious disease and global health.