UW Surveys

UW surveys

Welcome to the UW Surveys site, operated by the Office of Educational Assessment

This site assists UW campuses, colleges, and departments in designing and carrying out surveys of UW students, faculty, and staff. 

Creating a large-scale survey? Unsure how to proceed? Uncertain how to get the right sample? Worried about survey fatigue? We’re here to help you design & conduct surveys and analyze & report survey results. The better your survey, the more likely you’ll get useful responses and findings that help you move your work forward. OEA provides survey support services to faculty and departments at UW Seattle on a cost-recovery basis. Please contact surveys@uw.edu for more information.

Want to post your survey on MyUW?

Beginning autumn quarter 2019, OEA is partnering with UW-IT to facilitate posting surveys targeting large samples of the student body on MyUW, immediately increasing your survey’s visibility. The students sampled to take your survey will know that surveys available on MyUW have been vetted for quality and that they address UW strategic priorities and/or mission. Students will also be sampled judiciously to ensure that no student will be included in more than two surveys per quarter. Check out Post Surveys to MyUW for more information on the submission and review process.

Review the Survey Schedule to see:

  • Large-scale surveys that are already scheduled
  • Surveys that are relevant to your field of inquiry. Another UW unit may be collecting data that’s useful to you.

Check out Survey Resources for help:

  • Developing questionnaires
  • Sampling respondents
  • Administering surveys
  • Analyzing and reporting survey results
  • Findings from previous surveys that may give you the answers you see