UW Surveys

Posting Surveys to MyUW

The Office of Educational Assessment (OEA), in partnership with UW-IT’s Academic Experience, Design & Delivery (AXDD) is launching a new effort to improve survey quality and increase survey response rates by providing access to UW staff and faculty to post assessment surveys to MyUW after submitting the survey to a review process.

To submit your survey, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Improving survey quality and survey response rates

The UW provides its students with an exceptional academic experience grounded in evidence, which includes direct feedback from students through web-based surveys. Student feedback helps us understand the student experience and informs our decision making to improve the student experience.

Over the years, increased options for online survey tools, coupled with access to student email addresses, has resulted in a significant increase in the frequency of student surveys, often leading to survey fatigue.

In addition, staff often duplicate their efforts by sending multiple surveys, within the same time frame, that address similar topics. This is a missed opportunity for collaboration and information sharing.

How it works

The text below provides a basic summary of this initiative. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page for additional information.

Vetting of Surveys

Surveys will be reviewed to ensure that they:

  • Follow best practices in survey design and administration, contributing to students feeling that their efforts are worth their time
  • Are actionable and address some aspect of UW strategic priorities and/or mission
  • Follow best practices for data security and privacy
  • Do not overlap with recently administered surveys


OEA and AXDD will manage sampling to ensure that students receive a maximum of two surveys per quarter. Sample management will increase survey participation. (While more than two surveys may be posted on MyUW, students will be sampled through MyUW up to two times per quarter only.)

Posting on MyUW

Notices of approved surveys will appear on MyUW. Posting on MyUW will signal the quality of surveys and indicate that such surveys have been reviewed and vetted by a panel of experts.


Through the survey review process, survey administrators will be notified if their efforts are redundant of other efforts currently planned or recently conducted.

Submit your survey to be posted to MyUW

In order to submit your survey for review, please complete this proposal and submit it, along with your survey instrument to oea@uw.edu.

Please note: Turnaround time from submission to posting to MyUW is approximately four weeks. If you are seeking to post your survey sooner than four weeks from now, please contact Sean Gehrke (sjgehrke@uw.edu) immediately to explore the feasibility of your request. Thank you.