UW Rome Center

Renovations are now underway at the UW Rome Center!

Staged in three phases, the project includes critical updates to the structure, electrical and mechanical works; important fire safety prevention measures; as well as new lighting, flooring and educational technology. The renovation also maximizes educational space so that future generations of UW students can participate in the transformative experience of study abroad in the heart of Rome.

Classes and programming are in full swing during the renovation. To make room, we have repurposed and consolidated other spaces, including “the Prow” on the 3rd floor, and the library and computer lab on the 4th floor.


  • Historical grace... and paperwork

    October 15, 2019

    We have been enjoying the work of selecting flooring and lighting for our updated classrooms. These features of course must be complementary to the existing design (e.g., marble doorways) and decorative features, as well as to the historical grace of the building. They also need to stand up to heavy use by our study abroad…

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  • An end to Roman holidays...

    September 12, 2019

    Thanks for checking in with us! September and the promise of fall weather brings renewed energy to the construction process. In July, workers were diverted to tackle some emergency repairs on the roof. August holidays meant that we took a break from construction work for a few weeks. Our team of workers is now back…

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  • Lighting, tiles, AV and more

    July 16, 2019

    Work on the 1st floor continues, with reinforcement of the floors and fire safety measures having been the top priority thus far. A complete overhaul of the HVAC system is also underway to ensure adequate cooling during our hot Roman summers and heating in our chillier months. We have also been working with Targetti, a premier technical…

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