UW Rome Center

June 3, 2022

Introducing Our New Third Floor

We are delighted to share with you the completed third floor of the UW Rome Center! Back in action as of January, the floor houses three classrooms, two studios, one seminar room, the Business Center, library and the UWRC office. Similar to the first floor work, the scope of renovation for the third floor included reinforcement of the floors and new tile throughout, a completely new HVAC system and electrical work throughout the space, new lighting, new AV equipment in all of the classroom space and new bathrooms. We also completed an incredible restoration of the frescoed ceilings in two of the classrooms, which are stunning!

With this phase of the project, we’ve moved some things around to make better use of the space. Our office is now in the courtyard-facing former Apartment 312 space, and we’re enjoying the clean lines of the new space, as well as air conditioning in the office for the first time in the history of the UWRC—especially now that it’s already in the 90s! Some other changes to the floor include transformation of the former Faculty office then library to our new Business Center for use by both students and faculty. Directly below, the former storage space then computer lab is now the library—a much better use of the space given the configuration of the space and low ceilings. 

We would like to extend a very special thanks to Madison Frederick, Franco Carlos and Hope Morris, students in our Spring 2022 Rome in Residence program, who volunteered their time throughout the quarter to unpack all the books and organize the new library! Also, a special thanks to Carolina Semenchuk who volunteered her time helping us unpack the office and other parts of the third floor!

Completion of the third floor marks the end of the renovation work for our educational space. This leaves just the fourth floor to complete, which will include four faculty apartments and our intern apartment! We are looking forward to this work starting soon and will keep you posted with updates as the work progresses.