UW Rome Center

October 21, 2021

Introducing Our New First Floor

We’ve moved in! After nearly three years of major renovation work of the first floor, we are thrilled to share that the project is nearly complete. In August, we starting moving in, which required some major dusting off of all our furniture that has been in storage during the course of the renovation work. The classrooms are all situated and perhaps equally exciting is that we’ve welcomed our first students back in September. We are happy to be hosting the Swiss School of Management in our new seminar room overlooking Campo de’ Fiori, and another affiliate program in a few of the other classrooms. What a change it is to see the space complete transformed and now in use!

Since the last update, all new audiovisual equipment was installed in all of the classrooms, seminar rooms and the Conference Room. We have brand new screens and projectors in the classrooms and Conference Room, and smart boards in the two seminar rooms. Reviews of the faculty and students thus far is that everything is working like a dream! We’ve temporarily set up the computer lab in the Exhibit Space, and the communal kitchenette is proving to be a popular place for students to take a break between classes and eat lunch.

We’ve had a few funny mishaps as we’ve gotten to know the space and learn how to use it, including a student pulling on the emergency cord in a restroom, making us realize the importance of good signage in strategic places. Thank goodness we had already tested out that cord and knew how to turn off the emergency alarm. (Spoiler alert…one of the faculty pressed the fire alarm before we had a chance to control the situation, so it was a new lesson for us learning how to deal with a false fire alarm.) Rest assured, we’re all up to speed now though!

Some finishing touches are still being worked on, including restoration of the ceiling in the faculty apartment living/dining room (former Classroom C), as well as installation of the bathroom accessories and the wardrobe in the bedroom. As soon as this work is completed, we’ll be setting up the apartment and looking forward to hosting a faculty member there this coming January when our UW programs are scheduled to return to Rome.

We just hosted our first event here in two years this last Monday, which was a lovely way to informally inaugurate the new space. Ryan Calo, Professor of Law, was in town for the “Human After All: Data Protection in Policing” conference and sponsored a reception for conference attendees in our Conference Room and Seminar Space overlooking Campo de’ Fiori. It was great to show off our new space to this group!

On the third floor, the renovation work is moving full steam ahead and we are on schedule to complete the work by the end of the year. The floors are completely tiled, electrical and HVAC work is nearly complete, new lighting has been mounted in some of the classrooms, and the new Administrative Office in former Apartment 312 is nearly ready for us to move into (ahead of schedule!). We’re also ready to order all new audiovisual equipment and computers for this floor, thanks to receipt of an STF Grant earlier this year.

Stay tuned for more updates on the third floor soon, as well as news when we begin the fourth floor, which will soon be transformed into five beautiful apartments for our faculty and intern.