UW Rome Center

Italian law requires that all non-Italian students living in Italy have medical insurance, regardless of duration of stay. Under Italian law, emergency medical treatment is provided to Italian nationals and foreign nationals alike, regardless of insurance coverage. That said, treatment received in an Italian emergency department may subject to a fee. If follow-up care is required, the hospital will ask for proof of insurance.

Starting January 1, 2024, UW students will be automatically enrolled in UW’s new UW Student Abroad Insurance and International SOS materials will be deployed into your travel registration portal. In lieu of purchasing and enrolling in insurance, you will be required to activate and download International SOS. Your student account will be charged for insurance/International SOS based on the duration of your program.

How It Works

UW Student Abroad Insurance has two parts:

  1. International SOS: provides assistance to UW travelers in emergency medical and security situations.
  2. Cigna: provides the insurance coverage and processes insurance claims.

International SOS is designed to be used for any medical, mental health, or security incident abroad. To access services:

  • You must download the ISOS Assistance app on your phone before arriving to Rome. This will allow you to contact an ISOS Assistance Center, if needed. You will also receive alerts about significant safety/health events in and around Rome.
  • Two of our most recommended service providers, including MedinAction for at home care and Salvator Mundi hospital, are both in-network under Cigna Insurnace. This means that you can present your 2024 UW Cigna Insurance Card prior to receiving medical services, and should be ablet avoid out of pocket expenses as services by these provided should be billed directly to the insurance.
  • If you do need to pay out of pocket and submit a claim, you can do so via the Cigna website.

If you need help:

  1. For serious, time-sensitive emergencies, call the local “911” equivalent.
  2. ISOS is who you call when you need help with a medical or security emergency. They can help identify a medical provider, make an appointment, and manage the billing process in collaboration with Cigna. Contact ISOS by phone at +1 215 942 8226 or use the chat function in your Assistance app.

Please note that ISOS may inform UW Global Travel Security about requests for assistance. UW Global Travel Security is here to be an additional support and liaison between ISOS, impacted UW travelers, and UW.