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February 2017 SAGE Subawards Release 3

This final release for the SAGE Subawards Project includes priority items requested by preparers as well as some updates that will allow OSP to manage subrecipient profile data more effectively.

Managed Access

To make it easier for subaward preparers to cover absences and to allow for broader department review and access to subawards, you can now add additional users (beyond the three UW contacts) with either read/write or read-only access.

Expanded Subrecipient Profile

To improve OSP’s ability to report subaward information to sponsors and auditors, the following attributes have been added to the subrecipient profile in SAGE:

  • Employer Identification Number (Federal Tax ID)
  • DUNS and DUNS +4
  • Country

Subrecipient Types have also been revamped to better align with reporting requirements.

Attachments Display Changes

  • From a link on the Subaward Overview page, you can now view a consolidated list of attachments for the entire subaward.
  • On the subaward request details page, the Attachments section now visually separates attachments that departmental subaward preparers uploaded from those that OSP did.

Performance Improvements

Using the Subawards section of SAGE and SPAERC will now be faster and more responsive, allowing you to accomplish what you need to get done with less waiting.

Improved Validations

The Start and End Dates on subaward requests are now checked by the system to ensure they make sense within the context of the broader award and subaward. This will help alert you to any easy mistakes made when preparing a request.

Other Enhancements

SAGE Tasklist

  • The SAGE tasklist now displays the most recent BPO number, rather than the one listed on the first request. Searching the tasklist will also now only return subawards where the most recent BPO matches your search criteria.

Subaward Overview Page

  • A visual cue displays in the Request in Process section on the Subaward Overview page to make it easier for users to identify how to open the details of request.
  • A new Modification Number field has been added, which will be populated by OSP in SPAERC but will be visible on the Subaward Overview page in SAGE as well. The Modification Number will confirm the sequence of changes to the subaward agreement.
  • You’ll now see the BPO number associated with each request, within both the Requests In Process and Processed Requests section of the Subaward Overview, for easy reference.

October 2015 Maintenance Release

New Features


  • OSP is now able to delete erroneously uploaded attachments to the “Documents Uploaded by OSP” section of the eGC1, as well as Funding Action and admin actions in SPAERC. When an attachment is deleted, a note is added to the item recording who deleted the attachment and at what time.

Subcontract Actions

  • OSP can now change the Funding Action associated with a Subcontract Action to correct any erroneous assignments.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC will now have a new status of “Expired”. Subcontract Actions will now be automatically assigned the newly added status of “Expired” when the SA’s end date passes. This status addition will aid in reporting and trigger that team to take the necessary close out actions.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC can now be assigned a status of “Canceled” which will allow the OSP Subcontracts Team to differentiate them from those that were erroneously created or completed and “Closed Out”.
  • The new Subcontract Action statuses of “Expired” and “Canceled” have been added as filters on the Subcontracts tasklist in SPAERC.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC will now include read-only “Project Type” and “Sponsor Award Number” from the parent funding action which will allow the OSP Subcontract Team to more quickly access information needed to setup the subcontract.
  • The header row of each Subcontract Action in SPAERC will now display the start and end dates for that action. This will make it easier for the OSP Subcontracts Team to identify the chronology of all actions under that subcontract.
  • SPAERC users are now able to search for subcontracts with a partial Purchase Order (PO) number. Previously, SPAERC users were required to enter a complete PO Number including alpha prefix. This will make it easier to find subcontracts when only part of the PO number is known.

Bug Fixes

  • SA Attachment Upload: An issue in SPAERC subcontracts module was preventing users from successfully uploading attachments on first attempt. This issue has been resolved.
  • Budget # not defaulting for SAs with ARIBA BPO and EI: An issue has been resolved that had been preventing budget numbers from the financial system from displaying for Subcontract Actions (SA) in SPAERC when the SA listed a BPO or EI Purchase Order (PO) number.

October 2014


  • Three new, more specific, attachment file types have been added to the Subcontract Action for FFATA documents, replacing the previous single “FFATA” option. The new values are: FFATA Report For Grants, FFATA Collection Form, and FSRS Filing Confirmation.
  • The date fields on the Subcontracts search page were relabeled to more clearly indicate the date value search criterion.


  • The “SA Reporting Date” field on the Subcontracts tasklist and search page has been relabeled “SA Issue Date” to match the field labels used in the Subcontract Action itself.
  • The “SA AssignmentDate” field has been added as an available column on the Subcontracts tasklist and as a searchable field on the Subcontracts search page.
  • An issue in SPAERC that triggered an error when a user’s default filter for the Subcontracts tasklist included an “SA Status” has been fixed.
  • An issue in SPAERC that caused the “Cost Share Amount” field in the FA Notification PDF to display after the Cost Share question had been changed from “Yes” to “No” has been fixed.

July 2013

The following updates were released on July 25th, 2013:

  • The answer to the Ready to Submit question now displays on the SPAERC control sheet and the Attachments and Routing page for all application types.
  • Navigational menus/links no longer display on popup windows such as auto-generated email draft windows.
  • When the parent item of an Admin Action is changed, the Action text now reflects the appropriate Admin Action number.
  • The SPAERC Task list now displays values for “Yes” and “N/A” in the Paper column.
  • When updating FA, AA, and SC attachments the current description will display in the description field and be editable.
  • Subcontracts will now appear on the Cycle Details page after every FA they are associated with, as they do on the Cycles Details flyout.
  • Auto-generated document fields in SPAERC now have single spacing between lines of text entered.
  • If an application’s initial sponsor is changed from RRF or to RRF, when the eGC1 is re-submitted, it will be appropriately re-assigned.
  • Now you can directly re-parent an application which is the child of another application in the same cycle.
  • For Grant Runner eGC1s that are connected to SAGE Budgets, the irrelevant Approved Attachments links have been removed from the History & Comments page and the Grants.gov Tracking History section of the GR Submission & Status page for actions associated with the submission steps (Name is Grants.gov).
  • The “Change Action Type” drop down menu no longer includes “Post Award Change” as an option for FAs that have a parent (eGC1). This modification will enforce the parenting rules that have been established.
  • On the Admin Actions’ Auto Generated Documents page, the email instructions label was changed to “SFI Compliance Notification”.

This article explains how to:

Both Funding Actions (FAs) and Admin Actions (AAs) have an Attachments section where you can upload and view documents.

For FAs, the Attachment section displays just above the OSP Notes History section, near the bottom of the page.

funding action attachments section

For AAs, the Attachment section displays at the end of the first page section.

admin action attachments location

The system will automatically attach a copy of any Auto-Generated Document you create for the FA or AA in this section.

SPAERC indicates the number of attachments for FAs just beneath the Attachments heading.

Note: Campus users can view the documents you attach to an action from the Related Documents section of the eGC1.

To attach a document

  1. Click the Lock icon to unlock the action, if needed.
  2. Click Add Attachment, and then enter a description for the attachment.
  3. Use the File Type drop-down menu to select the type of document you plan to attach.

admin action adding an attachment


  1. Then click Choose File to locate the file you want to attach, click the file name to select it.
  2. Click Upload to complete the process. The page will display information about the attachment and the system will update the attachment count.

action attachment list
Note: You can change the File Type after you have attached the document.

To view attached documents

Click the View link to the right of the attachment information to open the attachment in a new window.

To update an attached document

You can upload a new version of the document using the “update” function for the existing attachment. SPAERC maintains all of the attached versions of a document.

  1. Click Update to the right of the attached document you want to update. The File Type drop-down menu will automatically display the type of the document you are updating.
  2. Enter a description, browse to find the new document, and upload it. Only the updated version will display in the list of attachments.
  3. To see the earlier versions of a document, click the “+” to the left of the attachment description to expand the version history. Click the “-” button to contract it.

action attachment updated with new version


  • you can update or delete only the most recent version of a document.
  • When you update a document, the total attachment count doesn’t change.

To delete an attached document

  1. Click Delete to the right of the attached document you want to remove.