October 2015 Maintenance Release

New Features


  • OSP is now able to delete erroneously uploaded attachments to the “Documents Uploaded by OSP” section of the eGC1, as well as Funding Action and admin actions in SPAERC. When an attachment is deleted, a note is added to the item recording who deleted the attachment and at what time.

Subcontract Actions

  • OSP can now change the Funding Action associated with a Subcontract Action to correct any erroneous assignments.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC will now have a new status of “Expired”. Subcontract Actions will now be automatically assigned the newly added status of “Expired” when the SA’s end date passes. This status addition will aid in reporting and trigger that team to take the necessary close out actions.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC can now be assigned a status of “Canceled” which will allow the OSP Subcontracts Team to differentiate them from those that were erroneously created or completed and “Closed Out”.
  • The new Subcontract Action statuses of “Expired” and “Canceled” have been added as filters on the Subcontracts tasklist in SPAERC.
  • Subcontract Actions in SPAERC will now include read-only “Project Type” and “Sponsor Award Number” from the parent funding action which will allow the OSP Subcontract Team to more quickly access information needed to setup the subcontract.
  • The header row of each Subcontract Action in SPAERC will now display the start and end dates for that action. This will make it easier for the OSP Subcontracts Team to identify the chronology of all actions under that subcontract.
  • SPAERC users are now able to search for subcontracts with a partial Purchase Order (PO) number. Previously, SPAERC users were required to enter a complete PO Number including alpha prefix. This will make it easier to find subcontracts when only part of the PO number is known.

Bug Fixes

  • SA Attachment Upload: An issue in SPAERC subcontracts module was preventing users from successfully uploading attachments on first attempt. This issue has been resolved.
  • Budget # not defaulting for SAs with ARIBA BPO and EI: An issue has been resolved that had been preventing budget numbers from the financial system from displaying for Subcontract Actions (SA) in SPAERC when the SA listed a BPO or EI Purchase Order (PO) number.