Subaward Request Details Page

The Details page displays when you open a New request in Composing status, or when you select a request from the Request in Process or Processed Requests sections of the Subaward Overview page. If the request is in Composing, Withdrawn, or Returned status, you will be able to edit it.

Note: From the Request Details page, you can select the SC number part of the breadcrumb to return to the Subaward Overview page, as shown in the following image.

example breadcrumb with s c and s a numbers

On the Request Details page, you will see these sections:

Subaward Request Details

For a New request, this section displays the values you entered when you submitted the request. It will be read-only unless the request is in Composing, Withdrawn, or Returned status.

If you change the eGC1, the Look Up Funding Action button will re-display, and you will need to choose a Funding Action associated with the new eGC1.

The following image shows an example of this section.

subawards request details section

Modification Details

This section displays the associated eGC1, the Funding Action, and Purchase Order Number. If the request is in Composing, Withdrawn, or Returned status, you may edit these fields. The FA Start and End Dates, and the FA Amount always display in read-only mode.

Changing the eGC1 requires you to select a new Funding Action from those associated with that new eGC1.

subawards modification details section

Modification Type(s)

This section displays the types selected and any associated values. Review Creating a Modification Request for details. The following image displays this section.

modification types section for extension and funding change

OSP Managed Information

This section provides information about the progress of your request. This image below shows a fully processed New request in Active status. Therefore all of the date fields have a value. The Modification Number value is only used with Modification requests.

subaward o s p managed information section

Field Description
SA Assigned To The person in OSP who is reviewing your request, or File if the request has been processed.
SA Assignment Date The date when the request was changed to OSP Assigned status.
SA Status The current status of this request.
Modification Number OSP enters this value. It is used to confirm the sequence of changes to the subaward agreement.
SA Issue Date The date when the request was issued to the subrecipient.
Fully Executed Date The date when the request was fully executed.