Subaward and Subaward Action Statuses

Subaward Statuses

When you create a new subaward, the Subaward and Request statuses will be the same from Composing through Active as OSP reviews and processes the new request. Once the subaward reaches Active status, the status of any modification requests will be independent of the overall subaward’s status.

When all of a subaward’s requests reach Expired status, then the system will automatically change the subaward’s status to Expired.

OSP can change a subaward’s status as follows:

From To Effect on Requests
In OSP, OSP Assigned, or Issued Canceled, if there are no requests in Active or Expired status If there is only a New request with a matching status, then the request will be Canceled.
Expired Active No change to requests
Expired Closed Out No change to requests
Close Out Active or Expired No change to requests
Canceled In OSP, OSP Assigned, or Issued No change to requests

Subaward Request Statuses

A Subaward Request will have one of the following statuses.

Status Description
Composing Newly created initial request or modification request, not yet submitted to OSP. You can delete requests that are in Composing status.
In OSP Request is submitted to OSP for review; the system assigns the request to Subaward Intake initially. You can cancel or withdraw the request when it is in this status. OSP can return the request.
Withdrawn Request was pulled back by campus for changes. You can only withdraw a requests in status In OSP. You can cancel a withdrawn request.
Returned Returned to campus by OSP for changes. OSP can return a requests in either In OSP or OSP Assigned status. You can cancel a returned request.

The Subaward Preparer will receive an email notification when OSP returns a request.

OSP Assigned Assigned to an OSP staff member for review.
Issued Issued to the Subrecipient.
Canceled Indicateds the request will not be processed. You may cancel a New or Modification subaward request that is in a status of Returned, Withdrawn, or In OSP.

If a subaward only has a New request, then the system will change the subaward to Canceled status.

Active A fully-executed request.
Expired The system will automatically change a Subaward request’s status to Expired once its end date is in the past.
Closed Out (Subaward only) The Subaward has been completed. When OSP changes a subaward to Closed Out status, its request statuses remain unchanged .