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EU GDPR Privacy Notice for Ariba Submissions for Individuals


This EU GDPR Privacy Notice for Ariba Submissions for Individuals applies to individuals who provide personal data to the University of Washington (UW), an agency of the State of Washington, while residing in the European Union, as described below.

Collection of Personal Data

When you (a “Payee”) or someone on your behalf submits travel expense reports, reimbursement requests, or requests for payments to individuals (each a “Submission”) to the UW, and the UW processes such Submissions in its Ariba spend management platform, certain personal data relating to you will be collected and may include:

  • Basic information about you and your relationship with UW, including name, UWNetID, status (such as student, employee, independent contractor), and role with respect to the Submission (such as the Payee, claimant, and Individual Travel Card user);
  • Information (such as date, nature, location, purpose, cost, and currency) and supporting materials (such as invoices, receipts, and attestations) related to the Submission;
  • Information about the type of payment (such as an award, honorarium payment, royalty, and research subject payment) and the Payee’s preferred form and method for payment;
  • Information needed for UW operations (such as budget numbers, requests, and approvals);
  • Payee citizenship, immigration, and residency information (such as US citizenship status, resident or non-resident alien status, visa type, residency address, and the existence of letters of permission or invitation);
  • Information related to the Payee’s travel documents (such as the picture, visa, and/or entry stamp page in a payee’s passport);
  • Payee’s tax information (such as Social Security number, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, confirmations related to relevant IRS and UW tax forms, and the existence and applicability of tax treaties); and
  • Remittance notes.

Additional Payee personal data for travel expense reports may include:

  • Travel information (such as flight itineraries, public or private transportation use, and gas and mileage details);
  • Lodging information (such as details for hotels, short-term rentals, and lodging per diem);
  • Meal information (such as meal-related allowances and per diems, details about meals for the Payee or others, and the provision of meals at conferences or events);
  • Telecommunication information (such as carrier, devices, and other details relating to plans, fees, and Wi-Fi);
  • Immunizations and study abroad insurance information (such as confirmations of administrative approvals); and
  • Miscellaneous expense information (such as details relating to electronic accessories, laundry, mailing, translation, printing, and visa and passport fees).

Uses of Personal Data

UW uses the personal data described above in order to remit amounts due to Payees, to comply with tax and accounting requirements, and to carry out finance-related tasks such as accounting and budget management. Depending on the nature of a Submission, statutory or contractual obligations for the provision of Payee personal data may apply. Without Payee personal data, UW is unable to remit amounts due to Payees. UW’s legal bases for processing under EU GDPR include necessity for the performance of a contract, a legitimate interest in remitting amounts due to Payees, and complying with UW policies and applicable laws.

Sharing of Personal Data

Payee personal data will not be shared outside of UW except with service providers; and to comply with valid legal process, governmental request, applicable law, rule or regulation.


Personal data records will be maintained for at least their minimum required retention period according to the Procurement Services Departmental Records Retention Schedule (accessible at  and/or applicable sections of the UW General Records Retention Schedule (accessible at Records will be accessed by those with a legitimate UW-related business need to access them.

Management of Personal Data

You may have certain rights under EU GDPR such as the right to request access to, or to request the erasure, correction or transfer of your personal data. Under EU GDPR, you may also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.


For additional information about Ariba Submissions for Individuals you may contact UW Procurement Services at or (206) 543-4500.

If your personal data protection related questions or concerns are not addressed after contacting UW Procurement Services, you may also contact UW’s data protection officer at

Changes to this Privacy Notice

The UW may periodically update this privacy notice. The revised notice will be posted on this webpage.

This Privacy Notice is effective as of the date it is provided to a Payee or April 19, 2019, whichever is earlier.