UW News

January 31, 2024

Determination of non-significance: Lot E18 Solar Canopy Project

Pursuant to the provisions of WAC 197-11-340 and WAC 478-324-140, the University of Washington hereby provides public notice of: DETERMINATION OF NON-SIGNIFICANCE

Project Name: Lot E18 Solar Canopy Project

Proponent/Lead Agency: University of Washington–Seattle Campus

Comment Period Closes: February 14 2024

Description of Proposal: The University is proposing to install an approximately 4,820 SF solar canopy over 30 existing parking spaces in parking lot E18.  The solar canopy would generate approximately 84kW of electrical power connecting to the City of Seattle and UW campus electrical grids.

Location of Proposal: The E18 lot is located east of Montlake Blvd, north of the UW Intramural Activities building, west of Walla Walla Rd NE, and south of NE 45th Street, at 2500 Wahkiakum Road.

Contact Person: Julie Blakeslee, Environmental and Land Use Planner, SEPA Responsible Official; UW Facilities Asset Management; Box 359571; Seattle, WA  98195-2205; jblakesl@uw.edu