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January 6, 2022

ArtSci Roundup: Virtual Artist Panel, EL SUEÑO: THE FLOWERS THAT BLOOM, and More

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Virtual Artist Panel: The Work of Collaboration with Barbara Earl Thomas, Derrick Adams, Janelle Iglesias, and Lisa Iglesias

January 13, 6:00 PM | Online

This virtual panel is hosted by the National Nordic Museum, in partnership with the Henry Art Gallery.

On the occasions of M(other) Tongues: Bodhild and Las Hermanas Iglesias, presented by the National Nordic Museum, and Packaged Black: Derrick Adams and Barbara Earl Thomas, presented by the Henry Art Gallery, we bring together artists Janelle Iglesias, Lisa Iglesias, Barbara Earl Thomas, and Derrick Adams for an artist panel focusing on their experiences with artistic collaboration.

Free for UW faculty, staff, & students | Register & more info

Exhibition – Painters in Progress

January 13 – 27 | Sand Point Gallery

Visit an exhibition of recent work created by the first-year Master of Fine Arts students in Painting + Drawing at the School of Art Dana Blume, Kayla Cochran, and Ruby Henrickson.

Free for UW faculty, staff, & students | More info

Fossils Uncovered

Ongoing | The Burke Museum

Earth’s 4.5 billion-year history is a continuing saga of dynamic change.

Events from ice ages to splitting continents influenced what survived, how life evolved, and what went extinct.

See the only real dinosaur fossils on display in Washington state (including one of the best-preserved T. rex skulls in the world), intricate plant fossils that document past patterns of climate change, colossal mammals that roamed Washington state during the last Ice Age, and more in the Fossils Uncovered gallery at the Burke Museum. Discover how fossils reveal evidence of Earth’s transformation over time—and what the future might hold.

Free for UW faculty, staff, & students | More info


Ongoing | The Henry Art Gallery

The Henry Art Gallery‘s EL SUEÑO: THE FLOWERS THAT BLOOM offers a snapshot of and engagement opportunities with EL SUEÑO (meaning “the dream” in spanish), a Seattle-based dance company who uses dance as a platform for community engagement, healing, and empowerment of marginalized communities. Founded by Alicia Mullikin, EL SUEÑO actively weaponizes dance against cultural erasure and systematically deconstructs harmful narratives about brown bodies in hopes of providing representation, cultural restoration, and nurturing environments for the next generation of dance artists. 

Free for UW faculty, staff, & students | More info

The Historical Review at UW

The Historical Review at UW is a student-run undergraduate history journal showcasing writing and research in the field of history. The journal’s most recent edition contains origional works on topics ranging from the American hippie movement to Black labor unions in South Africa, and much more. 

The Historical Review is currently accepting submissions for the Spring 2022 edition.

Free | Read & more info

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