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December 30, 2019

Book notes: Staff member Neile Graham publishes fourth book of poetry, Scotland-inspired ‘The Walk She Takes’

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Neile Graham, administrator in the College of Built Environments, is also a published poet -- and has a new book of poems out, her fourth.

Neile Graham

Neile Graham is both a longtime administrator with the College of Built Environments and a published poet — and she has a new book of poetry out.

MoonPath Press published “The Walk She Takes,” Graham’s fourth poetry collection, in November. On the publisher’s website she describes the volume as “an idiosyncratic tour of Scotland, where a mile’s walk contains remnants from the Stone Age through to the present … (T)hese poems explore how the layers of time in these evocative sites reverberate through our own journeys.”

As Graham told UW News in a 2007 profile, Scotland has played a large role in her life, and she has visited there several times. The volume of poems is inspired by those travels.

Neile Graham's fourth book of poetry, "The Walk She Takes," was published by MoonPath Press.

Neile Graham’s fourth book of poetry, “The Walk She Takes,” was published by MoonPath Press.

Graham’s poetry and other writing has been published in American, British and Canadian literary journals and anthologies. Her three previous poetry collections are “Seven Robins: Spells for Clear Vision,” (Brick Books, 1994), “Blood Memory,” (Buschekbooks, 2000) and “She Says: Poems Selected and New,” a spoken word collection first issued by Alsop Review Press in 2007, and then by the author.

Graham in October marked three decades serving as program operations specialist for College of Built Environment programs in architecture, historic preservation and urban design. She also has been a director with the Clarion West Writers’ Workshop for many years and is stepping down from that at end of 2019.

To learn more, visit her website, neilegraham.com.


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