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November 25, 2019

New ‘UW Notebook’ section will tell stories of UW faculty and staff

UW News

Welcome to UW Notebook, a new section of the UW News site dedicated to telling stories of good work done by faculty and staff members at the University of Washington.

Throughout the year, the media relations professionals at UW News work hard and effectively to get UW faculty’s research findings and major university initiatives publicized in the media through news releases, videos, pitches to reporters and more.

But there are other stories as well, of faculty and staff achievements that may not call for media attention but are of significant interest to the campus and larger UW community.

This new section, which I will edit, will tell stories briefly, avoiding academic jargon. These might be grant awards, honors from academic or civic associations, updates on podcasts (proliferating on campus) or interesting personal or work projects. Most will be short stories, but there might be longer Q&A-style conversations, as well — or photos that can tell a story in a glance.

Writing campus stories is where I started with UW News 15 years ago as part of the two-person team that produced University Week, a newspaper for UW faculty and staff. When that paper went online as UW Today we worried — rightly, I think — that campus news would no longer be available to employees whose work does not involve sitting at computers. Smartphones have changed all that, and the UW Today email goes out daily to 65,000 people on campus and beyond.

UW Notebook is an editorial experiment, and will no doubt evolve as it goes along. Look for the stories at our UW News website and in the daily UW Today email to the campus, and thanks for reading.