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November 15, 2017

Arts Roundup: Monstrosity, an epic play; Jonty Harrison’s Voyages and performances by the Chamber Singers and University Chorale

This week in the arts; watch an epic play, Monstrosity, where girls are the heroes; experience new works of sonic and visual art through Jonty Harrison’s “Voyages,” enjoy student piano performances in Brechemin Auditorium, and listen to the UW’s top auditioned choir perform in their fall quarter concert.

Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater

Inside look of Glenn Hughes Penthouse TheaterTom Dempsey


November 28 – December 10 | Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater

When Tierney and Patrick’s resistance-leading parents are murdered, the siblings are conscripted into a teenage fascist training camp run by their parents’ killer. The camp’s leader would like nothing better than to prove the virtue of his worldview by grooming the uniquely gifted Tierney as his successor. His daughter Sarah, however, is bent on subverting his plan, trying instead to draw Tierney into her effort to construct a more peaceful, loving social order within their war torn reality. Epic, disturbing, fantastical, massive, and meaty, “Monstrosity is a retelling of the hero’s tale where girls are the heroes, youth are the powerful, and a pair of magical, bicycle-riding twins whisper at our deepest, darkest impulses. More info and tickets.

*directed by Samie Detzer, guest artist from Washington Ensemble Theater

Jonty Harrison, Voyages Poster

Jonty Harrison, Voyages

Music of Today: DXArts

7:30 p.m., November 28 | Meany Theater

The Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media and the School of Music are pleased to present “Voyages,” by Jonty Harrison in Holographic Higher Order Ambisonic surround-sound. Harrison’s hour-long “Going/Places” goes far and wide, quite literally, grazing materials from around the globe: railroad horns from Ohio; bubbling geothermal pools in Iceland; calls to prayer in Istanbul; Mexican bagpipers; frogs in Borneo; market callers in Melbourne. A travelogue of bewildering discontinuities, it rushes on with the uplifting fluency of a dream. “Voyages also features “Espaces cachés,” a series of scenes and apparitions also crafted from found sounds. More info.

Brechemin Piano Series

7:30 p.m., November 30 | Brechemin Auditorium

Pianist performing

Brechemin Piano Series

In this free admissions concert, come hear students from UW piano studios perform music from the piano repertoire. More info. 

Chorale and Chamber Singers Performing

Chamber Singers and University Chorale

Chamber Singers and University Chorale

7:30 p.m., November 30 | Meany Theater

The UW’s top auditioned choirs perform Bach’s Cantata 106, Vivaldi’s “Vix et Dominum,” two settings of “When David Heard,” and other selections in their fall quarter concert. More info.

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