UW News

July 5, 2017

Public Notice: Availability of final Environmental Impact Statement and proposed shoreline public access plan

Project Name: University of Washington 2018 Seattle Campus Master Plan

Proponent: University of Washington

Description of Proposal: The University of Washington 2018 Seattle Campus Master Plan will guide development on the Seattle Campus, replacing the 2003 Campus Master Plan and extending the continuity of planning developed over the last century. The Final 2018 Seattle Campus Master Plan includes guidelines and policies for new development on the campus. It is formulated to maintain and enhance the fundamental mission of the University, its multiple important roles in undergraduate and professional education, and its dedication to research and public service. Campus growth is needed to accommodate the projected growth in students, faculty, staff and expanded research opportunities. The Final 2018 Seattle Campus Master Plan defines open spaces, circulation patterns, building sites and campus physical capacity along with planned growth. It also includes a shoreline public access plan proposed pursuant to WAC 173-26-221(4). Both the city and the university recognize the need for coordinated development and conservation planning that allows the university to continue to pursue its instruction, research and service goals. At the same time, the planning process including the EIS process is intended to foresee, assess and outline mitigation measures for the direct, indirect and cumulative impacts of development. The anticipated outcome of the planning process is to maximize the positive impacts and minimize adverse impacts upon the city and communities surrounding the university, and to promote the health and vitality of the residential, business and academic communities.

Location of Proposal: The University of Washington major institution overlay zone is generally bounded by NE 45th Street on the north, Mary Gates Memorial Way NE and the Center for Urban Horticulture on the east, Union Bay, Portage Bay and the Lake Washington Ship Canal on the south, and 15th Avenue NE, Roosevelt Way NE and the Ship Canal Bridge on the west.

Lead Agency: University of Washington

Copies Available: A limited number of copies are available while supplies last at the Capital Planning & Development, University of Washington, Box 352205, University Facilities Building, Seattle, WA 98105. Additional copies may be obtained for the cost of copying. CDs are available at no charge.

Contact Person:

Julie Blakeslee
Environmental and Land Use Planner
Capital Planning & Development
Box 352205
Seattle, WA  98195-2205


SEPA Responsible Official:  

Jan Arntz
SEPA Responsible Official
Capital Planning & Development
Box 352205
Seattle, WA  98195-2205

Document Location: The Final 2018 Seattle Campus Master Plan and Final EIS are available online at http://cpd.uw.edu/cmp/about and at the following libraries: Seattle Public Libraries Central, University, and Montlake branches; UW Libraries Suzzallo (Reference Division) and Health Sciences branches.