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July 9, 2014

Arts Roundup: Exhibits, theater and Burke’s Summer Festival

Summer is here and with that comes a vibrant local arts scene. In this special issue, we highlight events not only on the UW’s Seattle campus but also events in the community that involve our talented students, faculty and alumni.

Girl on the shoreline with mountain in background.

The Burke Museum Summer Festival will give you facts and skills to help you explore your world this summer.Lora Shinn

Know Before You Go: Burke Museum Summer Festival
July 12 | Burke Museum of History and Culture
At this one-day event, learn where to find the best tide pools, spot whales, go birding, or celebrate the Native Cultures of the Northwest. Also, enjoy tasty treats and musical performances throughout the day in a summer festival like no other. More info.

“The Flower of England’s Face: William Shakespeare’s Henry IV”
July 12-20 | Glen Hughes Penthouse Theater
Freehold’s Engaged Theater Program presents a play that looks at the human ability and necessity to reinvent ourselves, and the human resilience and courage it takes to break out of conventional expectations. More info.

“With Hidden Noise”
July 19 – September 7 | Henry Art Gallery
Titled after Marcel Duchamp’s 1916 “readymade” of a ball of string held between two brass plates and containing a mysterious sound-making object, this exhibit brings together a selection of sound works made from traditional instruments and field recordings, and others generated from electronic processes. More Info.

Henry IV

“The Flower of England’s Face: William Shakespeare’s Henry IV,” July 12-20, Penthouse Theater. Bottom front, left to right: Andrew McGinn, Reginald Andre Jackson. Top, left to right: Christine Marie Brown, Tony Pasqualini. Daniel Morris

“Electro-dynamic Drawings: Andrew Deutsch and Stephen Vitiello”
July 19 – September 7 | Henry Art Gallery
This exhibition premieres four new videos, products of a collaboration by artists Andrew Deutsch and Stephen Vitiello. The suite of works was developed by exchanging a number of sound files via email and then processing them with the help of an image processor and other technologies. More info.

“Rineke Dijkstra and Thomas Struth: See●ing”
July 19 – September 7 | Henry Art Gallery
This exhibition pairs work by two artists who focus on the essential qualities of photography and video to frame and represent. The video “I See a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman)” by Rineke Dijkstra, on loan for the exhibition, presents a group of British schoolchildren describing what they see in a reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s 1937 painting “Weeping Woman.” The large-scale photograph “Louvre 2, Paris” (1989) by Thomas Struth, from the Henry’s collection, captures a group of young visitors gathered in discussion in a gallery. More info.

“Ken Price: Inside/Outside”
Through September 7 | Henry Art Gallery
This focused exhibition presents holdings in the Henry’s collection by the late Los Angeles-based artist Ken Price. The pieces, dating from the 1970s to the 1990s, highlight the representational drawing and narrative approach that Price practiced alongside his more widely known abstract clay sculpture. Images of private and public, interior and exterior spaces look both inward and outward. More info.

Summer Field Studies
Through September 14 | Henry Art Gallery
Get outside and explore contemporary art and ideas beyond the museum in this interactive Test Site program that explores one’s relationship to landscape through a series of field guides developed by artists, musicians, permaculture advocates, curators, activists, sailors, poets and adventure seekers. More info.

“From the Lowly Lubok to Soviet Realism: Early Twentieth Century Children’s Books from Russia”
Through October 24 | Special Collections, Allen Library South Basement & Allen Library North Balcony
Curated by Pamela K. Harer, this library exhibition brings together rare Russian children’s books from early in the 20th century and represents some of the most striking book design and illustration known to the field.  Most of the books included date from between the two World Wars, during the period of the Russian Revolution and were considered “a major weapon for education.” More info.

Ink This! Contemporary Print Arts in the Northwest
Through November 9 | Tacoma Art Museum
Explore the thriving and diverse world of print arts in the Northwest. Included in this exhibit are UW School of Art professors Curt Labitzke and Shirley Scheier plus staff member Kim Van Someren and many other alumni. More info.