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May 2, 2013

Mountain going solo in May; time for fountain tune up

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The mountain is going to have to go it alone when the fountain is shut down this month for routine maintenance.

Man kneeling down using a roller to apply patching compound

Draining the fountain gives workers a chance to patch the liner.UW Facilities Services

UW Facilities Services workers began erecting fencing Thursday (May 2) around Drumheller Fountain, half of the photogenic “the fountain and the mountain” view down Rainier Vista. Work is scheduled to be completed May 31 so Drumheller should be back in operation in plenty of time for graduation picture taking.

Every two years the UW drains away the algae-laden water revealing cell phones, sunglasses, cameras and other debris at the bottom. Once the pond has been fully drained and cleaned, the pond liner will be inspected to ensure its integrity and the mechanical parts of the fountain and lights will be examined, according to information from Facilities Services.

After the pond is refilled with fresh water the pumping systems will be tested and adjusted.

“Although this temporary situation may seem unsightly, this routine maintenance will ensure the longevity of this campus feature that so many enjoy visiting,” said Howard Nakase, manager of grounds operations.