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October 12, 2011

Lost and Found Films: Glenn Hughes speaks at Johns Hopkins — but why?

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Its 1957 and the dapper, well-spoken fellow at the microphone is Glenn Hughes, founding director of the UW School of Drama. Hes speaking at Shriver Hall Auditorium at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Hughes rhapsodizes about the theater as lights come up and players are revealed. “This is a modern theater, but the theater has always been a place of romance, glamour, excitement and mystery to all of us who sit out there in the audience,” he intones, apparently without a script. “Actors and actresses have always been those people who exist to cross that fascinating world that lies beyond the footlights.”

UW Film archives specialist Hannah Palin, with UW Special Collections, knows that much about this two-minute bit of 16 mm black and white footage. But why was he there? Was it a conference or meeting, or a celebration?

Glenn Hughes at John Hopkins University, ca. 1957 is one of hundreds of reels of film that Palin is trying to identify for archiving purposes. She has film clips from the late 1930s through the 1970s — some from research projects, some from campus events and some from commercial films or original productions.

If you can answer these questions or provide any other information about the film, please write your comment below.

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