UW News

July 13, 2011

Newton apple tree damaged, may be replaced

A Newton apple tree planted on campus by the Class of 2007 has been badly damaged and may not survive, the campus arborist says.

Members of the Class of 2007 help plant a descendant of the tree that legend says inspired Sir Isaac Newtons Theory of Universal Gravitation.Mary Levin

“Someone bent it beyond repair,” said UW Arborist Sara Shores. “We did split it and moved it out of the wind to our greenhouse and we will watch to see what happens but Im not holding out too much hope.”

The scionwood was obtained from the Germplasm Repository at Cornell University, and its variety is called Flower of Kent. The seniors of 2007 raised $28,000 for the tree and its ongoing maintenance. It was cared for at Raintree Nursery in Morton, Wash., until it was mature enough to be planted on campus.

Shores said, “We do have a replacement which we will plant after the summer months are over.  We plan to put up a sign so people dont wonder.”

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