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January 5, 2011

Mystery Photo returns: How well do you know the campus?

Bike Rack

For many years University Week carried a Mystery Photo depicting a location that we invited our readers to identify, with one lucky person each quarter receiving a gift certificate from the University Book Store.

During our transition to UW Today, the Mystery Photo feature was temporarily set aside, but now were bringing it back. Take a look at the photo to the right and answer this question: Where are we?  The photo was taken somewhere on campus.  You tell us where, and be specific.  The name of a building is not enough. You must tell us, for example, that it is the southwest side of the building, or the path in front the building, or whatever.

The names of all those with the correct answer will be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate donated by the University Book Store.  Send your entry by e-mail to uwtoday@uw.edu along with your name and department.  The deadline is  5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 11.  Well give away one prize per quarter.

Our last Mystery Photo, at left, which appeared in the Nov. 10 issue, was of a retaining wall on the west side of Savery Hall, near the dumpsters. Here is a list of correct guessers:

  • Denny Luan, Biochemistry and Economics
  • T. VanLeuven, UW Police
  • Denis Martynowych, Office of Planning and Budgeting
  • Curtis Howell, Michael G. Foster School of Business
  • Wendy Kempsell Jacinto,Department of Linguistics
  • Helena Huang, Genome Sciences
  • Beverly Wessel, Philosophy
  • Jonathan Schooler, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Curtis Knapp,  Political Science
  • Derek W. Hom, Jackson School
  • Michael Rosenthal, Department of Philosophy
  • Katrina Nelson, Public Health
  • Theresa Valverde, UW Information Technologies
  • Patrick Ma, College of Engineering
  • Adam Freeburg, Department of Anthropology
  • Mary Kawamura, DXARTS
  • Eric Siu, Moving and Surplus
  • Michael Balderas, Senior, Finnish and Jewish Studies
  • Emily Blumenthal, Department of Psychology
  • Eugene Kobiako
  • Stephanie Lee, Sociology
  • Chris Fendrich, U.W. Dept. of Economics
  • Barbara L. Mack, Department of Philosophy
  • John Blattenbauer, APL
  • Dale Lyman, Facility Services
Catherine Zeigler

Catherine Zeigler

The winner of the gift certificate for fall quarter is Catherine Zeigler, above, who is a graduate program assistant in Anthropology. Here she poses at a site she guessed, the stairway going from Physics down to 15th Avenue NE.