UW News

November 4, 2010

Foster School of Business and UWTV collaborate for new show, ‘Fostering Leadership’

By Andrew Krueger
Foster School of Business

People expect leadership to be mostly about the leader, but is it also about the followers? Is context a key driver behind star performers? Why do some outstanding performers fail when the situation changes?

These are but a few of the questions that will be explored in Fostering Leadership, a collaborative undertaking by UWTV and the Foster School of Business, which premiered October 27. Fostering Leadership is a lively half-hour television program offering a unique way of looking at leadership. Eight episodes scheduled for the fall.

“Anyone watching the varied episodes of this show, which range from ‘how situations create leaders’ to ‘what leaders should do when the ground is shaking,’ will quickly see the relevance of its content,” says Bruce Avolio, director of the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking at the Foster School. “Leadership is a very abstract concept, so those of us behind the scenes made sure to include topics and findings we were confident would tell an accurate, yet engaging story.”

Segments of each show include: “History Lesson,” “The Desk,” “From the Field,” “Pay It Forward,” and an interactive quiz, “So You Want to Be a Leader?”

For “The Desk,” a weekly commentary segment, the Foster School tapped Seattle executives Phyllis Campbell, chair of the Pacific Northwest Region of JPMorgan Chase & Co; and Richard Tait of BoomBoom Brands, co-creator of the smash hit board game Cranium.

Other guests on the series will include Jim Sinegal, co-founder and CEO of Costco; Sally Jewell, president and CEO of REI; and Colonel Sean Hannah, director of the Army Center of Excellence for the Professional Military Ethic at West Point.

“Fostering Leadership is a great fit for us,” says John Haslam, UWTV general manager. “We want to broaden our programming and create a compelling line-up of shows. Foster wants to broaden access to timely business research and educational approaches.”

The program schedule and more information can be found online here.