UW News

September 30, 2004

ADVISORY — Campus debate-watch gatherings tonight

Two University of Washington student groups have planned gatherings — open to the public and press — to watch and discuss tonight’s first presidential debate:

<b> Communications Building 126</b> — Students, faculty and the public will gather at 5:45 p.m. to view and then discuss the debate, especially candidates’ communication techniques. Sponsored by the department of communication and its rhetoric and critical studies reading group. (NOTE: This is a medium-sized seminar room and TV crews may find it difficult to move around.) Contact: doctoral student Dru Anthony Williams at <a href=mailto:druw@u.washington.edu>druw@u.washington.edu</a> or (206) 938-4568.

<b>Parrington Hall 308</b> — Post-Debate Debate at the Evans School of Public Affairs. Students and the public will watch the debate from 6–7:30 p.m., then join a post-debate discussion on the foreign-policy issues featuring Andrew Apostolou of the conservative Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and Princeton Lyman, part of a group of former military and diplomatic leaders opposing President Bush. Sponsored by the Evans Student Organization. Contact: David Messerschmidt at (206) 221-7642 or <a href=mailto:davidlm@u.washington.edu>davidlm@u.washington.edu</a>.


For more information on UW experts and campaign events, see <a href=http://www.uwnews.org/politics>uwnews.org</a>