Museology Master of Arts Program

museum studies

November 20, 2019

Preserving the Past Together: Cultural Resource Management, Collections Management Professionals, and the Accessibility of Archaeological Collections

Cameo E. Kale (2017)

Talking with Tweets: An Exploration of Museums’ Use of Twitter for Two-Way Engagement

Thesis by Sydney Jaramillo (2017)

Understanding Accessibility at the Seattle Art Museum

Project by Rebecca L. Janssen (2017)

Responding to Funding Cuts as a Government-funded Museum

Thesis by Shuhang He (2017)

(Dis)Connected: Curating A Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center

Project by Kayla D. Harriel (2017)

Exploring Sculpture Conservation in Seattle

Thesis by Margaret B. Greutert (2017)

Is Wall Color Significant to Museum Visitors? Exploring the Impact Wall Color in an Exhibit has on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Amy E. Gorton (2017)

Museum Professionals’ Numinous Experiences: Exploring their Nature and Influences

Thesis by Kirsten V. Gausch (2017)

The Intersection of Museums and Social Justice

Thesis by Blake H. Filo (2017)

Picturing Museums: Creating a Picture Book for Woodland Park Zoo

Project by Juliette E. Dumaine (2017)

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