Museology Master of Arts Program


April 6, 2021

Understanding How Museum Visitors Perceive Antiquities Repatriations

Research Thesis by Hayley Makinster

November 21, 2019

Pushing the Needle: Object Based Museum and Source Community Collaborations

Thesis by Molly R. Winslow (2017)

Adopt-an-Object: Reaching Donors through Personalized Fundraising

Thesis by Stefanie Terasaki (2017)

What’s the Fuss?: Deaccession and Disposal of International Outfits and Garments at the Renton History Museum

Project by Kelsey E. Novick (2017)

November 20, 2019

Preserving the Past Together: Cultural Resource Management, Collections Management Professionals, and the Accessibility of Archaeological Collections

Cameo E. Kale (2017)

More Than Two-Spirit: Queer Indigenous Sovereignty and Survivance in Museums

Thesis by Caitlin S. Cooper (2017)

It’s Dangerous to go Alone: Understanding How Museums Preserve and Exhibit Video Games

Thesis by Galadriel J. Brown (2017)

Transforming Spaces: A Decolonizing Approach to Collections Stewardship at the Burke Museum

Project by Lauren E. Banquer (2017)

“Not really so primitive as one might be led to believe”: Interpreting Early Seattle Dress

Project by Elizabeth Korsmo (2018)

Taking Control: How to Turn a Personal Collection into a Functioning Museum

Project by Hayden Gregg (2018)

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