Museology Master of Arts Program

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November 21, 2019

Alternative Voices: Exploring Museums’ Use of Technology-Based Contributory Visitor Experiences

Thesis by Rachel S. Townsend (2017)

Who Are Art Exhibitions For?: An Investigation into Narrative Choice and Public Reaction in Art Museums

Thesis by Grace J. Rotwein (2017)

November 20, 2019

(Dis)Connected: Curating A Contemporary Art Exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center

Project by Kayla D. Harriel (2017)

Exploring Sculpture Conservation in Seattle

Thesis by Margaret B. Greutert (2017)

Is Wall Color Significant to Museum Visitors? Exploring the Impact Wall Color in an Exhibit has on the Visitor Experience

Thesis by Amy E. Gorton (2017)

Playing the Game: Understanding the Gender Gap in Art Museum Directorships

Thesis by Kathryn L. Dawson (2017)

October 17, 2019

Come here often? Nonfrequent visitor perceptions of art museums

Thesis by Nicole Claudio (2019)

June 10, 2016

Big Data Development: A Tool for Interpreting Institutional Impact

Thesis by Michelle Reichelt (2016)

The Impact of Socially Conscious Art Exhibitions: A Case Study of Art AIDS America

Thesis by Kacey Lewis (2016)

Analyzing Visitor Perceptions of Personalization in Art Museum Interactive Technology

Thesis by Gracie Loesser (2016)

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