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Course Highlight

March 3, 2022

Course highlight: Introduction to Museology

by Purim Junkham (He/him)

July 19, 2021

Student experience in the Specialization in Museum Evaluation

Since the start of this specialization in 2010, 114 students have completed the Specialization in Evaluation and completed 36 projects. Previous evaluation studies have explored topics such as: family learning, visitor expectations/satisfaction, visitor behavior and experiences, museum resource utilization, and school group engagement. This year’s 2021 cohort has a record high number of students completing…

June 2, 2021

Faculty/Course Spotlight – Geneva Griswold

This blog is part of the Museology Faculty/Course spotlight series, which consists of short interviews with our new faculty to discuss and reflect on inclusive teaching, their learning outcomes, some of their course highlights, and what they learned from their teaching experience. Our next spotlight is with Geneva Griswold, who is a guest lecturer with…

October 23, 2020

Angie Ong Faculty Spotlight

This is the first spotlight of the Museology Faculty spotlight series, which consists of short interviews with our faculty to discuss and reflect on inclusive teaching, their learning outcomes, some of their course highlights, and what they’ve learned adjusting to teaching online through the pandemic. Our first spotlight is with Angie Ong, who teaches the…

April 20, 2020

Making Meaning: New Models of Museum Interpretation (Course Highlight)

We at the UW Museology Graduate Program are pleased to include a wide array classes, covering every area of museum practice, in our curriculum.  For the last two years, we have been delighted for the chance to offer a course on museum interpretation.  What follows is one student’s reflection on how this course has helped…

February 4, 2020

Training Students for the Future of Museums – Community Engagement (Course Highlight)

In Fall Quarter 2019, the University of Washington Museology Graduate Program was pleased to offer our Community Engagement course for the second time, taught by Dr. Meena Selvakumar.  Meena has a long history with community engagement. “The very first project that I led and for which I received a federal grant was to develop a…

January 3, 2020

Mounting “Stories in Every Stitch” at Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park

I have in my wallet a rectangle of wallpaper, perhaps two inches by four inches. Everyone on the team for this year’s Directed Fieldwork in Exhibit Installation course got one, handed to us by our instructor after a weekend of work installing Stories in Every Stitch at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. As…

January 23, 2019

Power Tools and Powerful Words: A Student Perspective on Exhibition Development

All of the last minute, nervous energy fueled tweaks were completed. The signage was adjusted to perfection, the interactive elements were tested and found to be working seamlessly, and the glass of the display cases was as polished as it ever would be. It was opening night of “If You Have Any Regard for Me…

June 11, 2018

Reflection on the Seminar in Exhibitions Course

–Valerie Roberts, Class of 2019 Exhibits are what first got me excited about working in museums. The animatronic dinosaurs, the dioramas depicting ancient worlds, and the rich history displayed through images and text I experienced as a child that first introduced me to my love of learning and museums. There is something about transforming a…

June 4, 2018

Museum Education Course Highlight

By Seth Margolis, Museology Affiliate Instructor Over the last 20 or so years, I’ve had the opportunity to wear many hats as part of the Museology Graduate Program. I have been a student, an instructor, a thesis advisor, a session panelist, a guest speaker, and (now) even a blogger. One role I have not had…

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