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Carrying on through the Covid Crisis: Talking Remote Internships with Sarah Huckaby

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way that we work and learn.  It has not, however, stopped our students from pursuing internships remotely and building their resumes in preparation for careers in museums, whatever they may look like moving forward.  One such student is Sarah Huckaby (Class of 2021), who has been working as a development intern for the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA).  We asked her to reflect on her experience with her remote internship this quarter.  Her response is below.

What are you working on in your remote internship?

In my remote internship, my foremost responsibilities include assisting with fundraising and membership re-engagement campaigns, grant research and writing, and donor outreach. Currently, I am wrapping up a project for an ongoing campaign to boost membership viability. I am also performing research on virtual fundraising, marketing strategies, and audience engagement amid COVID-19 in preparation for upcoming CoCA events.  

How is the experience of doing an internship remotely with COCA?

In these extraordinary times, it has been absolutely thrilling to be a part of an organization committed to cultivating equity and invigorating the local creative community. Witnessing the resiliency of our organization in the face of this pandemic and learning firsthand how to drive our mission through a digital framework has been a really special and unique experience. As is the nature of virtual work, there are definitely challenges—internet problems, video chat failures, and to some extent, less access to resources or people. However, despite these obstacles, I am learning so much in my remote internship, not only in fundraising and development but in embracing technology and how to use digital and virtual platforms to make my projects better. Overall, I really love my remote internship!

What have you learned about yourself doing remote work?

One thing I have learned about myself through this experience is that I appreciate the flexibility of remote internships. My remote internship has made balancing school and my internship more convenient because hours are more flexible and I do not have to account for a commute. Additionally, the lack of geographic permanence allows me to travel whenever necessary.


(Image Credit: Center on Contemporary Art)