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Responsible Tourism for the New Museum: An evaluation of offsite museum travel programs

Thesis by Brianne Baird (2016)

Museum tourism takes many forms. Through travel programs, museums, zoos, aquariums and gardens function as brokers of tourism offering curated trips to their public. Because of the many impacts that tourism can have, it is important to understand if museums, operating under the paradigm shift of the new museology, are attempting to take action to minimize the negative impacts of tourism and embrace responsible tourism. Through document evaluation of marketing material offered by institutions executing travel programs, types of potential participation in responsible tourisms were identified. Programs with specific mention of responsible planning, goals or outcomes were also highlighted. A secondary method, a survey, established the certain areas that these institutions are focusing on with regards to implementing responsible tourism. This research provided evidence that these institutions discuss responsible tourism behavior at different times with their tourists and some create the programs specifically to counteract negative impacts of tourism. Museums and like institutions are beginning to practice responsible tourism in various ways with their travel program, especially zoos and aquariums. However, the field, brokers, tourists and locals could benefit from a more direct and consistent approach to encouraging responsible tourism.


Keyword: research, tourism, travel, programs, international


Baird, B. J. (2016). Responsible tourism for the new museum: An evaluation of offsite museum travel programs . [University of Washington Libraries].

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