MLK Week

Each of us must chart our own journey to learn the history of the American Civil Rights Movement and its connections to present-day racial justice movements. The UW MLK Week workgroup offers these readings and resources to support your movement toward understanding of our shared history and ways to contribute to racial equity work.

We encourage you to engage with these materials within a practice of radical listening — quieting your own thoughts and listening with an open heart in order to more deeply understand the perspective of another person.

Reading lists

Campus and Community Resources

UW Black Opportunity Fund

The Black Opportunity Fund acknowledges the ongoing harmful legacies settler colonialism, racism, White supremacy, and racial capitalism have on Black communities;  works to address these inequities and injustices, and to fund a strategic agenda that meets immediate and ongoing needs of Black students, faculty, and staff. UW Seattle students, staff, and faculty can apply for support through this fund.

Center for Communication, Difference, and Equity (CCDE)

CCDE supports many programs for students and faculty on the UW Seattle Campus. Learn more about their programming and tap into their network of support. UW MLK Week is particularly invested in the concept of Radical Listening, which is a central organizing principal of events and resources offered here.

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