Husky 100

December 31, 2018

Criteria Clarified: Discovery Mindset

Contributed by Paul Prociv (Student Services and Administration, UW Tacoma)

Discovery Mindset

A discovery mindset is marked by approaching challenges, studies, work, and the communities with which you intersect with curiosity and open-mindedness. It’s about being solutions-oriented, including when confronted with ambiguity, and occurs inside the classroom as well as beyond its walls. It’s about seeking and taking advantage of learning opportunities where they exist – including at times where they don’t seem obvious. It’s about demonstrating an ongoing hunger for understanding and improving the world around you. Tell us about how you see opportunities to innovate, resolve, or help, where others may just see obstacles. Describe how you’ve questioned, how you’ve experimented, or how you’ve embraced uncertainty, all to advance your goals or ideals that are meaningful to you.

Here is further illustration from past Husky 100-recipient Reggie Harper:

“As a 2016 recipient of the UW Husky 100, I believe that ‘discovery mindset’ means being focused on possibility. Further, someone with a discovery mindset should have perseverance and be able to tackle tasks by questioning the ‘why’ while exploring the ‘how.’ A Husky 100 candidate is willing to explore opportunities with purpose and face barriers with hope and courage to make a difference.”

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