Husky 100

December 31, 2018

Criteria Clarified: Commitment to Inclusive Community

Contributed by Keya Burks (Orientation and Transition Programs, UW Bothell)

Commitment to Inclusive Community

Commitment to inclusive community begins with an understanding of the power of community. Those who value community understand that every member has a unique, powerful contribution, regardless of differences in background, beliefs, ability, appearance, etc. In our diverse society, those with a commitment to inclusive communities take proactive steps to ensure that all members feel welcomed, safe, celebrated, and supported.

What community or communities are you an integral part of, and what role do you play?  Your communities may be on campus, in the greater Puget Sound region, across state lines, a global network, or a combination thereof. What’s important is that you’re an active member who seeks the betterment of those with whom you engage.

Students with a commitment to inclusive community go out of their way to create welcoming environments for diverse populations with the mindset that inclusivity is requisite to excellence.  To be at their best, all members of a community must be able to participate fully. Tell us about how you have worked to foster inclusivity during your time as a Husky, whether that has been in the classroom, the workplace, your community, or somewhere else.

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