UW Commencement

Faculty and staff may obtain academic regalia through the University Book Store’s RSVP/Regalia Ordering Form.

The bookstore manages all faculty and staff academic regalia orders and collects all rental payments, which may be made via credit card, procard, University purchase order, or cash. The Book Store will not be able to accept budget numbers.  If you are a school or department that needs to place multiple orders for your faculty and staff, you will also use this form.

It is important that orders are placed by May 1st to ensure that the regalia arrives on time and hood colors are correct.

Orders will be available for pick-up at the University Book Store on the Ave in the lower level, from May 28 through June 8.  Those participating in Commencement as marshals or members of the academic procession will also need to fill out the RSVP form, even if they do not need to order regalia. This is how they will sign up to participate in Commencement and order parking permits and guest tickets for the day.

For questions, call (206) 545-4382 or email faculty.regalia@ubookstore.com

If you ordered and did not receive a confirmation email please contact the Book Store immediately.

Details on faculty rental regalia and pricing are as follows.

PhD regalia ($100): With one exception, PhD regalia will consist of a black doctoral robe, a black tam, and a PhD hood with the colors of school that conferred the degree.  Exception: If you received your PhD degree from the University of Washington, you will be provided the custom UW purple PhD regalia on a rental basis. Faculty who received a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Doctor of Audiology, or Doctor of Education degree from the UW will also be provided with the custom purple UW doctoral regalia.

Professional doctoral degree regalia – MD, JD, DDS, PharmD ($100):  Professional degree regalia will consist of a black doctoral robe, a black tam, and a professional hood (law, medicine, pharm, dentistry) with the appropriate trim color for each degree (i.e., purple for law, green for medicine, etc.) and the colors of the degree-conferring school on the inside satin lining.

Master’s degree regalia ($88): Master’s degree regalia will consist of a black master’s robe, a black tam or a mortarboard with a black tassel (faculty may chose either), and a master’s hood with trim color reflecting the degree (e.g., orange for engineering), and the colors of the degree-conferring school on the inside satin lining.

Bachelor’s degree regalia ($58): Bachelor’s degree regalia will consist of a black bachelor’s robe (without the UW seal that distinguishes student gowns), a bachelor’s hood, and a black mortarboard with degree colored tassel.

It will also be possible to order individual items:

PhD gown only: ($51 )
PhD hood only: ($51)

Master’s gown only: (price $45)
Master’s hood only: (price $45)

Tam only: ($40)