A Global University

Study abroad is an essential part of the Husky Experience

Through global study, research or internships, students put their classroom learning into action. They gain self-knowledge, cultural competency and the skills necessary for success in today’s global workplaces. But what’s more, students come home with an appreciation and cultural understanding that would not be possible otherwise. This helps to foster a more accepting environment on our campuses, ensuring that the UW remains a place for people of all backgrounds to learn, discover and thrive.

These passionate students traveled the world in pursuit of learning and discovery. Their experiences are as boundless as their destinations.

Mary Elworth in Denmark

Mary Elworth

Hometown: Newcastle, WA
Major: Mathematics
Study abroad program: Aarhus University Exchange
Destination: Denmark

Mary’s story

Marquis Wright in London

Marquis Wright

Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Majors: English and Communication
Study abroad program: Public Health London: Dark Empire
Destination: United Kingdom

Marquis’s story

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Marshall in Japan

Marshall Sherrell

Hometown: Bremerton, WA
Majors: English and Japanese
Study abroad program: Keio University Exchange
Destination: Japan

Marshall’s story


Maya Paschal

Hometown: Hansville, WA
Major: English
Study abroad program: Writers in Rome
Destination: Italy

Maya’s story

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Vipech Bun in Japan

Vipech Bun

Hometown: Renton, WA
Major: Business
Study abroad program: Engineering: Exploring in the Heart of High-Tech
Destination: Japan

Vipech’s story

Ashley Richards in Cape Town

Ashley Richards

Hometown: Buckley, WA
Major: UW Tacoma Sustainable Urban Development
Study abroad program: Township Community Development, Education and Racial Disparities
Destination: South Africa

Ashley’s story

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