Congratulations to the 2022 Global Photo Contest winners!

Hotel on Swiss mountain

#1 Hotel on Swiss mountain

Fei Huang, UW student


“I was driving through Switzerland and decided to stop at this hotel while passing by this mountain. I decided to take this photo with my drone to capture the glacier at the back.”


Sunset in Tuscany

#2 Sunset in Tuscany

Fei Huang, UW student


“Driving from Rome to Florence, I decided to stop at this spot in Tuscany. I thought I was going to miss the sunset, but I made it when the sky was not completely dark. ”

Mountain top surrounded by white clouds

#3 Moorlands

Dylan Riley, UW student


“A summit to the top of the world.”

Man in fire shower

#3 Tezutsu Handheld Fireworks

Tosh Kawai, UW alum


“The Tezutsu Hanabi fireworks display has been carried out for over 300 years in Mikawa, a central region of Japan. Watching the performers hold the fireworks cannons while being showered with hot sparks is quite the spectacle.”