November is UW Global Month! Check below for ways to promote UW’s global impact with social media templates, sample marketing timelines, and more!

  • Led by the Office of Global Affairs, this month-long celebration highlights the UW’s global network and community and promotes the many global opportunities available to UW students and faculty.
  • UW Global Month includes and promotes International Education Week, November 14-18, 2022.
  • Units across the UW are welcome and encouraged to participate. Audiences include UW students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

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Let’s promote UW Global Month!

Partner with us!

Interested in collaborating with the Office of Global Affairs or partnering with us on an event? Curious about UW Global Month and how you can get involved? Our office is happy to discuss and brainstorm ideas and/or provide promotional support!

Beth Fairagan


Beth Fairagan

Assistant Director, Strategy & Communications


We offer a suite of collateral for download, including social media posts, logos, global photos, and templates to make your own personalized post!


Key messages

The UW is globally engaged – For our students, region and world.

  • UW students benefit from a global Husky Experience.
  • Inclusive innovation requires diverse and global perspectives.
  • The UW is uniquely positioned to make a global impact.
  • Global engagement promotes the public good.

Global message box


Share the UW Global Month webpage and calendar in newsletters and communications to UW students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends.

Example blurbs for newsletters:

For students
  • November is UW Global Month, and we’re celebrating the UW’s global impact, network, and community. Check out free events across campus to explore global opportunities virtually
  • It’s #UWGlobalMonth and we’re celebrating with a [event name]. Live Q&A with [speaker] on their research in India!
For faculty and staff
  • November is UW Global Month, and we’re celebrating the UW’s global impact, network, and community. Check out free events across campus for faculty and staff to explore global opportunities virtually!
  • It’s #UWGlobal Month – share your favorite global photo and be featured in our staff meeting.
For alumni and friends
  • November is UW Global Month, celebrating the UW’s global impact and community. Join us at [event]
  • When Jenny Pham ’97 thinks global, coffee comes to mind. As CEO of Global Coffee Partners Inc. … UW Global Month link
  • For #UWGlobalMonth – invest in global health education!


#UWGlobalMonth and/or #UWGlobal

  • Pair with the UW’s November theme #BeBoundless
  • For student study abroad stories, be sure to use #globaldawgs and tag @UWStudyAbroad

Here’s what your posts could look like:

  • November is #UWGlobalMonth! Check out free events across campus to explore global opportunities virtually!
  • Together with partners from Argentina, @UofWa Professor @FaketyNamed is changing the way we think about Siberian tigers. #UWGlobal [LINK]
  • To explore her passion for storytelling, Grecia Leal Pardo ’19 enjoyed three month-long @UWStudyAbroad experiences in Italy, Tahiti and Scotland. #globaldawgs #UWGlobal [LINK]
  • Tons of free events happening across campus for #uwglobalmonth! Tomorrow @UWCareerCenter is hosting an international #internships workshop at 12:30pm.
  • Together with partners from Argentina, @UofWa Professor @FaketyNamed is changing the way we think about Siberian tigers. [article link] #UWGlobalMonth
  • @UWalum is connecting @uwbbusiness with recent @UWB alums working in China with weekly Skype calls [LINK] #UWGlobal
Sample Timeline


Week Social Media
  • Announce Global Month on Facebook & Instagram
  • Use one of our pre-made instagram stories to preview global month (or make your own!)
  • Retweet or repost our announcement from @UW Study Abroad
  • Highlight a past student story relating to global or study abroad
  • Link to your global scholarships/programming
  • Link to the UW’s global engagement map
  • Post a global alumni story or a short interview on what it’s like to be in a different country during COVID-19 on Facebook
  • Feature your faculty’s global research and/or research project
  • Link to a global story
  • Final thank you and shout out to Global Month
  • Last push to give to global funds


Invite campus partners and RSOs to participate

Please tell campus partners and student groups about UW Global Month and encourage them to participate by planning and sharing, events, activities and stories. Sample email:


Hi Keiko and Sammy:

November is UW Global Month. Units across campus are invited to plan events that showcase the UW’s global networks and all of the opportunities it creates for students. UW Global Month is sponsored by the Office of Global Affairs, and they will assist us in marketing the event. Would your team consider planning an event or promoting UW Global Month on social media? It would be a good way to let students/researchers/faculty/etc. know about your department/club/etc. Here’s one idea….

Let me know what you think!