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New Baccalaureate

March 13, 2019

CCBA Conference 2019

CCRI shared recent work on community college baccalaureates (CCB) alongside partners from New America at the Community College Baccalaureate Association conference last week. In addition to presenting the results of a national landscape study, the researchers also facilitated a session on equity concerns and tactics for CCBs. The Evolving Landscape for Community College Baccalaureates Recently…

January 24, 2019

Data Note: Evolving Landscape for New Baccalaureates

Post by Debra Bragg, CCRI Director This first Data Note on the Scaling Community College Baccalaureate Degrees: The Equity Imperative research project provides baseline information on relatively new forms of baccalaureate degrees, reasons colleges adopt these degrees, and concerns identified for expanding these degrees to more states and postsecondary institutions.

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