Community College Research Initiatives

March 15, 2023

Institutional coaching publication in New Directions for Community Colleges

CCRI (Community College Research Initiatives) had the privilege of working for several years with Student Success Center (SSC) partners and Jobs for the Future (JFF) on coaching programs to facilitate institutional change. The result of that work was several briefs and tools to support coaching and state coaching programs. A recent article, authored by Jennifer Miller (NY SSC), Lia Wetzstein (CCRI), and Amy Girardi (formerly JFF) in New Directions for Community Colleges titled Creating a culture of student success innovation through institutional coaching, discusses this work. It describes how coaches support institutional reform efforts, the history of coaching support of guided pathways implementation, and how CCRI supported the Student Success Center Network Coaching Program. 

The article discusses the multiple ways coaching supported institutional leaders’ change efforts. These include coaches being resource hubs by providing information, strategies, and professional development; fostering collaboration; providing external perspectives; moving ideas into actions with knowledge of best practices; and being thought partners (p. 85). It also shares resources that exist for coach professional development and different state examples of how coaches are trained and utilized. 

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