Community College Research Initiatives

July 8, 2020

CCRI racial equity publications

As we continue to engage in racial justice and student success work during these unprecedented times, we invite you to read and utilize our collection of equity-minded coaching briefs and tools in your transformative change efforts using a racial equity lens.

Brief: Coaching for More Equitable Student Outcomes
Brief: Integrating Racial Equity into Guided Pathways
The Equity Tool Guide gives an overview of the six equity-minded coaching tools.

Our partner, Jobs for the Future (JFF) has recently posted CCRI’s briefs, tools and resource recommendations created on their Student Success Center Network Coaching Toolbox along with other useful coaching materials. JFF’s publication of this treasure trove of documents is timely as they emphasize the critical role of racial equity in reforming community college education. These resources are directed at coaches who work with community colleges to engage in transformative change and reduce disparities in student success among racial groups, with valuable insights for any community college reformer.

Given recent unrest due to COVID-19 and police violence, constructive dialogue is more critical than ever to support a race-conscious approach to achieving more equitable outcomes for America’s students of color, and these tools provide guidance to accomplish this critical goal.